To love God is to also love neighbor. Loving God is the Great Commandment and the second is like it:  You shall love your neighbor as yourself.  On these two hang all the law and the prophets. - Matthew 22:38-40; How can we say that we love God whom we have not seen and not love those whom we see daily. - I John 4:20; Most of all, let love guide your life, for then the whole church will stay together in perfect harmony. - Colossians 3:14; We know that we have passed from life to death because we love one another. - I John 2:14

The scripture above reminds us that loving God is manifested in love of one another. They are inextricably tied.

Below are some of the activities and past and future events that support this area of our Vision.

Nursery School Picnic

Nursery School picnic on Upper Field.  Rain location is Fellowship Hall.

Nursery School Camp

Nursery School Camp.  Please note that the Lower Parking Lot will be closed from 9am-12pm.

Nursery School Camp

Nursery School Camp.  Please Note that Lower Parking Lot will be closed from 9am-12pm.

Graduate Recognition Sunday

This Sunday's 10:30am service will recognize all of our College, High School, and Graduate School graduates.  Please let the church office know if you will be attending.  Thank you.

Voting Location

Fellowship Hall to be used as a designated Voting place.

Youth Lesson

Youth Lesson following the 10:30am church service.  Led by Pastor Tracy, assisted by Kelee O'Malley.

Faith Fellowship

Faith Fellowship will be hosting "Wings For Success".  This program helps women get back into the workforce.  Please bring an accessory - jewelry, scarves, handbags, un-used make-up and skin care products with you to donate to this organization.

Youth Event

Youth Roller Blading event.  Details coming soon.

Drop Off For Rummage Sale

Items for our Rummage Sale can be donated on Wed, Thurs, and Friday before the Rummage Sale on Saturday, March 21st.  

Hours for dropping off items in Fellowship Hall are:

Mar 18 Wed 9am - 1pm, 2-4pm

Mar 19 Thurs 9am - 1pm, 1-5, 6-9pm

Mar 20 Fri 9am - 1pm, 1-5, 6-9pm