Servants At Work (SAW)

For more than 25 years we have been travelling to various areas of the Appalichians of West Virgina to help restore the homes and minister to the people of the region. So far, we've always gone to W. Va. but the location and local Mission that we choose has varied; Psalm 23 Camp, McDowell, Upshur Parish.

It's not just about repairing homes and it's not just about giving our kids something to do. It's about showing people that live somewhere else that our faith and belief in Jesus Christ leads us to help others. And, it's about introducing our youth to the importance of mission and establishing solid, long lasting relationships with adult members. The annual mission trip is centered on the four tenets of patience, flexibility, understanding, and focus, as youth (14+) and adults continue the PUMC tradition of service in the impoverished Appalachian region by helping to rebuild and renovate homes.

Projects include roofing, building steps & ramps, emptying gutters, replacing ceiling tiles and flooring. This work is meaningful in many ways and PUMC looks forward to continuing this service to the Lord for years to come. Paoli UMC's annual mission trip and trips like it, do more than just help a community in need. The act of traveling to a distant place to help new friends sends a message about the power and result of faith. The youth and adults alike learn about themselves and each other and grow in many ways. Please prayerfully consider how you can best support this mission.